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Short stories
July 19, 2015
The Mugger
       I put the last item that was on my list in my cart. I headed towards the counter. I saw one of the youth leader from church that my cousin goes to. He walked behind me with only a box of cereal and milk. I looked at my cart; it was filled. It didn't feel right to let him wait if he had only two items. I let him go in front of me. He thanked me and paid for his items. I started to put my groceries on the counter and the cashier started to ring them up. I looked the the youth leader once more. I lived in a shitty neighborhood where you need to carry knives to protect yourself. He didn't seem like the person to carry any weapons or live in a shitty place.
       "That would be $51.25," the cashier said to me. I got out my wallet and paid for my groceries. I headed towards my car. I popped open the trunk and put my stuff in. I felt a chill run down my spine. I quickly put my hand in my pocket reaching for my knife. I l
:iconbreaking-alice:Breaking-Alice 3 2
Infected (Chapters 1 - 7)
How it began
In late September of 2012 there nuclear accident in Germany. An explosion and fire released large quantities of radioactive particles into the atmosphere, which spread over pretty much worldwide. It started out just Germany, then Netherlands, Poland and rest or Europe. Finally in 2013 all over the world had this problem. It wasn't a little thing as people called it but now it's changing the human form. A new form of radioactive material spilled all over the streets. This nuclear accident leaked over into the ditches, and all over the lawns. When it began to rain that evening, the ditches began to fill up, spilling over. A trail carrying a great amount of acid.
The disaster began during a systems test on Saturday, 26 September 2012. There was a sudden and unexpected power surge, and when an emergency shutdown was attempted, an exponentially larger spike in power output occurred, which led to a reactor vessel rupture and a series of steam explosions. Many people died when th
:iconbreaking-alice:Breaking-Alice 3 2
Broken English (Chapters 1-7)
1- Chapter One: I want to fxcking Break it! -1
       "Where did you get your license???!!!!!" I yelled as I rolled down my window.
        The guy barely missed my headlight when he turned and rolled down his window. "From the same idiot that gave you yours."
       I flipped the guy the bird and pulled into Lance's New Market. Now what did Mother need me to get? The shopping list flew out the window when I yelled at that crazy driver. Oh well, I'll get what I can remember..."
       I walked inside the market. I sighed and grabbed the basket and walked towards the sweets isle. I grabbed four Double Decker chocolate bars and a Crunchie chocolate bar and I made my way to the produce section.
       What did Mother need? Tomatoes. Onions. And what else..? Ooh, apples. I reached for a Red Delicious and bumped into som
:iconbreaking-alice:Breaking-Alice 3 0


Artist | Student | Film & Animation
Icon - NO Chain Letters! by fmr0

I'm Vita, I don't like describing myself because it changes all the time and when I do describe myself, it always gives out a negative idea of me. I can be mean and act overly protective, but I'm quite friendly and weird once you get to know me.

Height: I'm short... Really short.

Music: Post-Grunge, Grunge, Punk, Hardcore punk, Punk rock, Ska punk, Rock, Hard rock, Thrash metal, heavy metal, Metal, nu Metal, power metal and symphonic metal.

Favorite hobby: Making videos, photography, drawing, and writing

My favorite bands/artist (Not in this order): Nirvana, Rise Against, We as humans, The offspring, Anthrax, Static-X, Alice in Chains, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, RHCP, Megadeth, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Bush, RED, Foo Fighters, Evans Blue, HB, Harmony and TFK. There are much more but too lazy to add more.

My stamps:
dA is filled with robots! by Breaking-Alice Satanism is... by Breaking-Alice Ghosts don't exist by Breaking-Alice Why the hate? by Breaking-Alice Since when do we have souls? by Breaking-Alice Space Stamp Base by Breaking-Alice

Flag Counter

    Now I got the caps lock off my chest, let me explain to you why I am hella pissed. If you guys followed me on quotev I wrote a comment:

Am I the only one who thinks it's stupid to ship real people together? Like they have feelings too, just saying. It's like saying I ship (your name) and (a person that you really hate) together and write a rape story about it and YOU stay with the rapist, because 'rape is a sign of love'.... It's pretty messed up. 

I think either on dA or Quotev there was a story with a title something like this: 
Bully!Germany X Male!Reader (Rape). The last chapter the reader stays with Germany. Like TF?! Why would you stay with a rapist and a bully?! I know that Germany isn't a real person but just image if someone wrote a messed up fanfic about you and your bully. You wouldn't like that so why is it okay to make Harry Styles into a rapist/bully/kidnapper, but if someone makes a story about you, it's illegal and you need to take it down. TF, isn't Harry a person as well?! Or is he just a sex object? So if you write crap like this don't get mad if someone makes you into a rapist, because it's fanfiction! FYI I don't like 1D.

And it just irks me how people ship real people, make them rapists, kidnappers (which usually ends with rape), or a bully. WHAT THE FRICK?! Are you stupid? Did you lose your freaking head? Why would you want to be raped? Abuse is NOT  sign of love!
You're so worthless not even hell wants you... Yes, I am an asshole because I'm against rape and people who fantasize over rape. OOhh breaking-alice is such a prick!

This is how rape/kidnap/bullied stories should end: Alie was kidnaped/raped/bullied by Mesha Bosh and she shot him. The freaking end!

Why the hell would you fall in love with your kidnapper/rapist?! I don't care if the most hottest man or most famous man I want their ass in jail! Did they bang your brains out?! TF is wrong with you?!

I also wrote this on my quotev account, and I actually got hate for it.


Number 2: Why would they love you if you just met them? Love at first sight is bull-shit. They might think you're hot but they wouldn't love you!

Number 3: THEY will NEVER stalk you. Get over your freaking damn fandom and face it. 

There are plenty guys/girls that will love you without stalking/kidnapping/being famous. Trust me.
Please don't give up ♥

What? I am an asshole because I think rape is wrong? Because I think kidnaping is bad? 

The person replied something like this: "It's not that I support rape. I think it cute how they find the good in the evil." (Something like that.) 

This is why I left quotev, stupid people. Hell, even dA has a few rape stories and it ends with the reader staying with the rapist. 
I should stop now before I get even more pissed. If any of you assholes write stories about rape, don't expect people to like your story, be ready for some hate.
I'm sorry how long the requests are taking, I'm just busy with work and my youtube. I hope you guys understand BUT I WILL GET YOUR REQUESTS FINISHED!

14 requests total
7 requests finished

1: Lola Mbola x Timmy Turner (Finished)
2: Starlon (Finished)
3: Esmer (Finished)
4: Zkylar (Finished)
5: Shauna (Finished)
6: Alternative Cosmonauts (Really close to being done, will be posted either late today or tomorrow.)
7: Stephanie.exe x Ben Drown (Finished)
8: Vervian and Owen Grady (Finished)
9: Faith x Jack of Blades (WIP)
10: Nasaki
11: Ari
12: Noah in Aladdin's prince outfit
13: Yun, Yang and Yasuhiro Hagakure
14: Samael Skynight

If you want to request, you can request here:  Free Requests (CLOSED FOR NOW)
Anyone can request anything
 (unless stated otherwise)
RulesNo Extreme Sexual Content (Hentai/Ecchi/Porn/Rape)No extreme gore (like severed heads or guts pouring out.)I will not draw Prussia or Sweden from APH or Jeff the Killer from CP. Description
Post a link of what you want me to draw
Detailed description (Nothing too long. BUT make sure you tell me enough about your picture.)
Keep in mind!
It may take me a few hours, few days or even a couple of weeks to finish your request.Your request will most likely be traditionally done I'm not very good at animals (or furries.)It will be done in my art style.
Examples of my art:
NOTE: I will only draw 1-3 characters per request

Please note: If you already requested from me, I'll not draw you the same character as your first request. Thank you, and thanks for requesting. 
  • Listening to: The Doors

Anyone can request anything
 (unless stated otherwise)

  • No Extreme Sexual Content (Hentai/Ecchi/Porn/Rape)
  • No extreme gore (like severed heads or guts pouring out.)
  • I will not draw Prussia or Sweden from APH or Jeff the Killer from CP. 
  • Post a link of what you want me to draw
  • Detailed description (Nothing too long. BUT make sure you tell me enough about your picture.)
Keep in mind!
  • It may take me a few hours, few days or even a couple of weeks to finish your request.
  • Your request will most likely be traditionally done 
  • I'm not very good at animals (or furries.)
  • It will be done in my art style.

Examples of my art:

   Hipster!Belarus and Hipster!Norway W.I.P by Breaking-Alice Protein Barbie by Breaking-Alice The other side of me by Breaking-AliceNo, I'm not a hipster by Breaking-Alice

NOTE: I will only draw 1-3 characters per request

  • Listening to: The Doors
    Usually I just live my life and not think about my dreams because dreams are dreams but I got this weird dream about this little girl name Belle. I'm not sure if she's little or just short. What's weird about it, it's that I don't know what she does. In my dream it seems like she makes you invisible or something? Because once you talk to her long enough, everyone seems to ignore your existence. It doesn't sound scary or mysterious but in my dream it felt pretty bad. This was the second time I got this dream and Belle was in it with the same effects. In the past few days I kept getting unusual dreams. I got either three or four dreams in the same hnight, not sure if they are all one dream with time skips or different dreams. 
  • Listening to: The Doors


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